Lessons from the field – Authentic Selling

Hi, I’m Adele and I’m excited to invite you you along for a journey into what I call ‘Authentic Selling.’ I have been in sales for over a decade, starting with the music industry and eventually transitioning to software sales.

I love sales because of the potential – sure there is the potential for financial gain, but for me the driver is helping people to solve business problems and bringing positive business outcomes to clients – from individuals to corporations. I love to help people. At the end of the day salespeople are in the people business.

While I have expertise in my field of sales – the truth is you can never be a total sales expert because with sales you need to evolve and be able to constantly learn. What you we can aim to achieve is mastery of best practices and the sales process.

In my opinion this starts with curiosity and authenticity. You need to be genuinely interested in the customer and the product you are selling. You also need to be authentic to yourself in the sales process. Authentic how? Authentic by not being so motivated to hit a quota that you fail to meet a client’s needs. Authentic in that you recognize your strengths and are willing to act with integrity. Authenticity is important because too many sales people try to fit a mold that doesn’t align with what the customer needs.

What are your strengths – how can you improve your skills without selling out? What are your personal and professional goals. What motivates you?

As I tread through the trenches and also the victories in my own sales journey I will share things I’ve learned and invite other experts into the conversation.

I hope this blog will be a source of motivation and hope too – because Sales is a noble profession. We have an exciting opportunity to spread ideas, help actualize value and make people’s lives easier. It is a hard job, but it is worthwhile.

Most of all I want to hear from you – what are you interested in and what have you learned.

Let’s create a culture of support so we can help customers achieve their goals and we can also rise to mastery in our sales journeys.

Stay tuned.

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