Blog Goals- Focus on How and Connect with Community

I started Adele Lassiter Coaching to provide actionable insight from the field – lessons from my years of experience in sales. I continue to work as an Account Executive and every day is an opportunity to grow and to learn. You never stop learning in sales. Sure methodologies and skills sets might not change, but you need to evolve to meet the customer’s need and improve your skills.

We are experts and beginners and that is something to embrace.

The focus of my blog is to empower one other to hone our sales skills, so we can provide meaningful impact across industries and sales organizations.

My sales background started in high school working retail and I’ve done everything from managing bands and PR to software sales. While the primary focus of my blog is related to Solution Selling (Technology Sales), I think it is important to dive into different industries and sales practices. Each of these unique experiences as a salesperson has taught me lessons on connecting with clients and offered perspective on how to approach different buyers based on role and industry.

I am learning with YOU! My main goal with this blog is to have an open forum for knowledge sharing – so we can work together to become better sales professionals. I am always open to feedback on YOUR lessons from the field.

This blog will delve into a variety of sales content, with one common theme – ‘Focus on How.’ How is an open ended discussion point – How can I improve processes? How can I move a stalled deal forward? How can I provide better customer service? How is a crossroads of the current state/knowledge and creating an action plan to move forward.

Topics we discuss on this blog will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Software/SaaS Sales
  • Solution Selling
  • Technical Sales
  • Field Sales
  • Counselor Salesperson/Authentic Selling
  • B2C sales (retail and beyond)
  • B2B sales
  • Creative Sales (side businesses – arts and crafts selling, music sales, etc)
  • Music Business

Please connect with me on LinkedIn and share your stories from the field? What have you learned?

I’m always open to interview guest bloggers about their sales journeys. We are in this sales journey together – let’s empower one another. Let’s focus on HOW!

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