Know your VALUE

I focus a lot on value selling throughout my blog. Every successful sales person knows that when positioning a product you win deals when you build intrinsic and tangible value. Budget, pricing – those are all secondary to value – because there is potential to expand budget if the value shows that the cost of inaction is more than the cost of the value.

Today I want to focus on a different type of value that is just as important, if not more important in molding successful sales reps – You need to understand your unique Value and take ownership of it.

I’m not referring to the cocky sales person who brags about being the best or the overly confident seller who relies on ‘happy ears’ when forecasting.

I’m referring to the value that is uniquely you and using your skills – skills unique to your personality that can empower customer rapport and a lens of expertise to drive your career and your deals forward.

I bring this up because I think sometimes sales professionals get so wired into process or focusing on what they did wrong that they forget to acknowledge what they do right and taking ownership of that. Don’t shy away from your value to your organization.

Are you an effective communicator – don’t shy away from that

Are you good a problem solving – be open with ways that your organization can improve

on the Flipside – in knowing your value – also be open other teammates and acknowledging their value.

Sales teams need to work together – like a basketball team running against a difficult offense, each player has a role and only when you ‘pass’ the ball and work together does everyone succeed.

Be open to listen to criticism. Constructive criticism helps us grow – and we can enhance our value professionally in our humility and action to learn and grow from others. Even seasoned reps make mistakes on calls or can benefit from another viewpoint.

Don’t be a doormat. Poor leadership will beat down reps and focus on everything wrong instead of focusing on the value you can bring and drawing out your authentic selling talents. Poor leaders are quick to criticize and diminish instead of advise and instruct.

Don’t love sight of your value – whether you are in a hostile environment (feel like you can’t do anything right on a call) or in a space of open learning. You have unique God-given talents and strengths that you can bring to the table. You also have weaknesses, that you can cultivate and learn to improve upon.

You have worth don’t forget that. If you are in a situation where your value is being diminished – be humble but focused. You are not a doormat and sometimes we need to lean in where our value can provide the greatest investment.

Psalm 139: “I praise you Lord, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” – You have God-given talents and even your weaknesses are an opportunity for growth – Know your VALUE

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