Creative Selling: A Novel Idea

My novel Solitude Lake is now available on Amazon!

I’ve always loved creative writing. As a child I would beg my mom to take me to the bookstore after school and I’d curl up in the stacks by Nancy Drew and the Baby-Sitter’s Club.

I started dreaming about writing my first novel when I was five and had my Grandma Ruby help me write it on paper.

I wrote a few books in college, including a self-published kids series, but unfortunately I wasn’t prepared the court of public opinion yet. I made mistakes when I self-published a novel over a decade ago. I hadn’t mastered the art of writing or publishing yet.

Ever persistent, I continued to write and improve my craft. I took classes and spent time writing daily, but that first sting of rejection ate away at my confidence. I eventually gave up. Trusted advisors told me ‘writing’ isn’t a career, don’t focus on that now. I shut down my passion and focused solely on work.

Work is important and I’m proud of the lessons and successes I had during my break from creative writing (and songwriting) but during the pandemic I began to realize I was missing a big piece of myself.

Having a creative outlet actually helps me to focus and engage in my sales role. It keeps me excited and upbeat.

So with courage and a lot of prayer -I decided to dust off an old manuscript and hire a professsional editor. I am so excited to share my novel with readers.

Your passion:

We all have passions and goals – and sometimes our creative passions get sidelined. I use the expression ‘creative passion’ loosely. To me a creative passion is anything that is outside of your day to day professional focus.

Ex: Some who loves geology and studying volcanoes, but works in an office job – their creative passion is the opportunity to learn more about rocks and the science behind it.

Being creative doesn’t mean you have to be a brilliant singer or artist – creative passions are the dreams and hobbies that make your heart sing.

As sales professionals we often put those ‘passions’ aside because focusing on a goal like ‘rock collecting’ or ‘creative writing’ doesn’t help meet quota…at least not on paper.

But the truth is the only way you can continue to grow and thrive in your professional career is to also take time for those creative passions that inspire you. Taking even fifteen minutes a day to enjoy time on a crossword puzzle or writing a blog keeps your spiritually and mentally fed. Creativity and selling go hand and hand. Work life balance is critical -even though as sales people we tend to burn rubber until our tires run out (especially at the end of a quarter)

Take time to breathe, to create, to enjoy and just dwell in this wild wonderful life you’ve been given. Your life is an amazing story – you have the opportunity to help write it.

Solitude Lake:

Set in Montana’s Glacier Country – Solitude Lake is inspired by time living in Big Sky Country. The story follows widow Susan Dixon as she grieves her husband’s death in her hometown of Hidden Creek Montana. While working at the nearby Solitude Lake Lodge, Susan rekindles a lost friendship with childhood friend, Jake Arnett. Readers will be swept up in the romance, heartache and the glorious scenery of Montana as they discover ‘Solitude Lake’

What’s in a name: I decided on a pen name – Adele Darcy. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book and I like the sound of Adele Darcy. She is my creative writing alter ego.

Adele Lassiter – sales aficianado by day/Adele Darcy – creative writer by night

Based on the contemporary romance market, I launched Solitude Lake on Kindle and paperback, with the option to order in store/online through retailers like Barnes and Noble. It is published under my imprint, Firehole Press.

My priority was to have the best editing team to copyedit and proof my final draft. I used Reedsy (a professional author marketplace) to connect with my amazing editor, Leah.

I also partnered with professional designers to ensure the look and flow of the Kindle version and paperback book were easy to read.

I look forward to continuing this journey. I’m proud of the accomplishment and hope this is the first of many novels (and sales books)

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