Take time to recharge!

Sales is a rewarding and a stressful job. I am passionate about helping clients and want to give my all to my team, yet over the past two years, I let my work life balance slip. It led to working until midnight – just trying to stay on top of the curve and exceed expectations.

Even when I was on vacation I never really clocked out – I enjoyed the trip – but work was my focus. It left me burnt out.

I am grateful to be taking time to unwind this week and really take time for myself to recharge. When we step aside from the rat race for quality vacation/time off we can bring our best when we return.

Would you drive a car with no gas? You wouldn’t get very far.

As I’m winding through the backroads of Wyoming and South Dakota I am thinking about work (it’s hard to stop) but I’m giving myself permission to enjoy the beauty of a quiet rushing stream and enjoy a good book.

I will be hustling again in a week but today I’m going to enjoy the view.

Give yourself permission to have a work life balance – you’ll end up being more productive than you could imagine.

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