Transitions in Sales

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Hey Everyone! It has been a while since I posted and I apologize. SaaS Sales and Sales Coaching has been my passion for many years, but I decided after my layoff in this ‘The Great Tech Layoff,’ I needed to refocus my time and get away from the noise of tech sales for a bit.

It is still my passion and I am on the hunt for a new role, which will come at the right time.

I wanted to be vulnerable in this post because I think a lot of technology sales professionals are struggling…either they are in over their heads with picking up extra work or barely making quota (or if making quota it demands extra steps to get to yes with the economic factors)…or if you were laid off like I was you are in a race for a position against the best of the best in talent.

One position I applied for had 800 applicants in one day.

I also went through an interview that lasted two months and the job went to another candidate. I was depleted.

I know many are going through this but it still stinks.

The greater problem I’ve seen is the lack of care in the corporate space, which as someone who truly felt like their work is family it hurts deeply when you realize you are just a number.

Alas it is the nature of the beast.

So I think it is important to be willing to shift in your process about what your ideal position may be if you are looking and also recognize you might have to transition into a role that might not be the perfect long term fit, but is the ideal RIGHT NOW fit.

What you should not compromise on is always making sure you give your best to the job – your character is your calling card.

So what have I been doing when I’m not hunting for a job?

I have an entrepreneurial spirit so I’m not one to stop creating and problem solving.

I have been running a small art business…not making a ton of money, but it is an outlet for my love of painting and design. I have been able to redo the website and get Print on Demand set up

I also have dedicated a lot of time on my Travel Blog – American Nomad. Through SEO I have increased traffice by over 300% in one month since my layoff…

I have a background in Art History and have started an online art site for online classes – Art Expeditions. We’re growing rapidly on Facebook in one week (300 likes) and I’m going to launch some paid and free courses on Art History soon.

I have also been working on promoting a small business owner and consulting on the go to market strategy.

While it is frustrating not to have my full time job – knowing that I’m growing and creating is a good thing.

I’ll post soon and thanks for following.

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