Focus on HOW Methodology

Start with Why

Start with with Why – you need to understand the compelling event and what is driving the need for organizational change. Unfortunately many sales professionals assume that if the client doesn’t know the compelling event there isn’t one. This is where you as the consultant can ask HOW – how are they doing things now, how can our solution help – discover and understand their business and draw out pain as a partner – working to empower the client.

Have a Data Mindset

Have a Data Mindset – I’m not a data scientist – but one thing I’ve learned in business is your need to look at the data from discovery – this data isn’t just numbers – includes the emotional data – why does this matter to them – how can this impact their business. Taking time to reflect on the data from discovery (Listen and remember) – will help you identify HOW you can help the client. How should you proceed with next steps

Focus on HOW

Focus on HOW – this focus is throughout the process; but HOW helps you solution sell. This is a fluid step that acknowledges the discovery and client need. This step includes HOW you present your solution; how you engage your solutions engineer/partner, how you work with the client to enact the change.

Turning HOW into ACTION

Closing the deal and ensuring the HOW to steps – become reality

Closing the Loop

Implementation and ongoing customer- closing the deal doesn’t end the relationship. Successful businesses are always asking ‘HOW’ can they improve customer experience and take action. Retention is founded in relationship building with accounts. HOW can we help impact your business and ensure ROI – and getting it done efficiently. Promises are met with reality in this stage. Follow-through!