Sales lessons from the field

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Transitions in Sales

Hey Everyone! It has been a while since I posted and I apologize. SaaS Sales and Sales Coaching has been my passion for many years, but I decided after my layoff in this ‘The Great Tech Layoff,’ I needed to refocus my time and get away from the noise of tech sales for a bit.…

Mind the Gap: Build a Roadmap

My love for winding roads and backcountry byways is the unexpected vistas and stunning mountain views you get via The Blue Ridge Parkway or a state scenic route. The destination may be the same, but the route is more interesting. While, winding scenic roads with detours and pit stops may be perfect for driving The…

FOCUSED Persistence

I’ve been on the road meeting with clients in the field and connecting with my team in person about how we can adapt to the current macroeconomic climate facing tech sales. As sales professionals, especially in the world of tech – our mindset is our most powerful asset because in one given day we can…

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